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Friday, February 28, 2014

Will the snow ever go away?! I know we need it, there's some good coming out of all this white stuff - but enough is enough.

And then there's tax season...another thorne in my side...heehee. Is there a simple way to keep track of inventory, sales, and the like? Please let me know..

Onto more pleasant things. I have been accepted into the 8th Bead Soup Bloggers Party founded by Lori Anderson. She and her husband have done an outstanding job in putting this together for over 400+ participants. Despite many obstacles along the way, health problems, and oh yes, obnoxious people - the partner lists will be up on time. I wish I could have assisted in some way, maybe next year. Partners will be listed tomorrow and the reveal date is in May.

The "soup" enables you to meet a new friend, challenge your creativity, and share your jewelry finds.

Next, in honor of St. Patricks Day we have added several green pieces to our inventory. Bracelets, cuff links, necklaces, and even a popcorn blouse!

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